Senior Dental Care in Brooklyn

Senior woman smiling in dental chairTooth decay is a severe problem in old age due to damage to the enamel. Many people over 65 suffer from significant tooth loss and complicated gum disease. This loss can adversely affect their nutrition as people with fewer teeth can’t chew or eat many typical foods.

Often older people may be forced to live on close to a liquid diet, leading to increased weakness and fragility and a reduction in their quality of life. With proper care and regular visits to the dentist, your teeth can be preserved for life.

Dealing With Dental Issues in the Senior Population

The leading cause of tooth decay in seniors is dry mouth. One of saliva’s jobs is to help kill bacteria. Still, as we age, dry mouth may arise as a side effect of medications, including pills for anxiety and depression, medicines for shortness of breath, and hypertension.

Plaque buildup can also lead to tooth decay, especially with frequent consumption of sugary foods and drinks. The risk of tooth decay becomes incredibly high when the gums recede, exposing the neck of the tooth, which is not protected by tooth enamel.

Gum problems and severe periodontitis are frequent issues for our seniors. Bleeding, sensitivity, and soreness in the soft areas around the teeth affect chewing and may lead to tooth loss. These problems go unnoticed until they progress and cause damage to the teeth.

Inflammation in the gums may also increase chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems and high blood sugar, and gum disease is also associated with an increased likelihood of stroke. Regular visits to the dentist and proper dental care are reliable means to preserve and strengthen teeth.

Preserve Your Smile

You don’t have to lose your teeth or deal with gum issues in the future. Get the care you need at Aesthetic Dental, and keep smiling. Call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do older people lose teeth?

As we age, immunity weakens, the gums atrophy and decrease in volume, the neck of the tooth is exposed, and tooth mobility and loss occur.

What will happen to a face without teeth?

If the front teeth are missing, lip retraction may develop, loss of canines changes the smile, and removal of chewing teeth leads to a change in the cheek line. Soft tissues remain without support, the proportions of the face change, the corners of the mouth sag down, and nasolabial folds appear.

Can dentures be placed if there are no teeth at all?

When a patient has no teeth at all, dentists recommend the installation of prostheses on implants or mini implants. The implant acts as a support for attaching a fixed or removable prosthesis.

Is it possible to remove all the teeth and place dentures?

Yes, this is one of the solutions to the problem if the remaining teeth are in poor condition. Modern removable dentures are comfortable to wear and look aesthetically pleasing.

How can you strengthen an adult’s teeth?

Adding milk, kefir, yogurt, and other dairy products to the diet effectively strengthens your teeth with calcium. A sufficient amount of phosphorus in the body guarantees the presence of healthy and strong enamel. Remember to eat eggs, nuts, seafood, and dates regularly.


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