Tooth Extractions in Brooklyn

Looking in woman's mouthDentists focus on preserving their patients’ teeth, and advancements in dentistry have significantly reduced the number of reasons for tooth removal. However, some conditions can’t be corrected through therapeutic procedures, and extractions may be necessary. Our procedures are performed with the utmost care and attention to ensure maximum patient safety and comfort.

Patients typically avoid tooth extraction. Many patients are primarily concerned about the pain associated with the procedure, which can be effectively managed through sedation and modern equipment, so there is minimal discomfort.

When Extraction Is Necessary

Dentists or oral surgeons may do tooth extractions for various reasons, such as decay, impacted or incorrectly positioned teeth, extensive damage or inflammation, chronic infections, advanced disease, or making room for dentures or braces. Wisdom teeth are commonly removed.

An X-ray determines the number of tooth roots, their location, and neighboring structures for safe tooth extraction. Surgery is only used in extreme cases.

Patients with conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney or liver diseases, blood diseases, mental disorders, etc., require special preparations; please make sure to inform your dentist of any issues.

Extractions should be avoided during pregnancy, radiation therapy, and oral mucosal disorders.

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What to Expect

Numbing the area is the first step to relieve the toothache and prevent future problems. The method chosen is based on the number of extractions and the patient’s health. Local anesthesia is often used, and general anesthesia is used for complex or multiple extractions.

Stitches or other procedures may be needed to control bleeding, and a gauze pad is placed over the extraction site to absorb blood and start the clotting process.

Tooth extraction can be simple or surgical; the type of intervention depends on the tooth’s position and the situation. Wisdom teeth often require surgical removal. Our skilled surgeons and modern equipment minimize tissue injury and complications.

Get Your Oral Health Back on Track

When you have a tooth problem or experience pain, don’t put off a visit to our clinic. Our caring dentists will try to save your natural teeth, but if they can’t, extractions are comfortably performed in our office. There’s no reason to be afraid with our modern methods; call us today to book!


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